Acne Medicine That Works

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Acne Medicine That Works is the one that contains the right ingredients that is well suited to your skin condition. Yes, if there is one thing that majority of people seem to be unaware of is the fact that not all acne medicines are created equal. A few products are made specifically to treat periodic acne breakouts, others are made to treat the varying level of severity of the condition.

Acne Medicine That Works

Many of the over-the-counter acne products which are readily available on the market are typically available to treat mild acne condition and also moderate condition. These products should be enough to aid you in achieving that clear healthy skin look, while at the same time treating the acne condition.

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These over-the-counter products are typically sold in the form of gels, facial foams, cleansing lotions, towelettes, various leave-on products and other kind of treatment kit. The sheer number of selections may confuse you and soon you are left wondering which product is best for you and which ingredients must you be prioritizing? Wonder no more, though, because that is exactly why we are here.

Understand the active ingredients in each product

To determine whether or not the product can be considered as an Acne Medicine That Works, one must well aware of the active ingredients of each medicine and skin care product. Let’s start with the beauty product first. The following is a list of active ingredients which are commonly found in over-the-counter acne products you find on the market.

Benzoyl Peroxide

This active ingredient has long been considered as the best compound to thoroughly kill the acne-causing bacterias. Not only does it remove dead skin cells which are collected in your face, it also gets rid of excess oil – all of which are the biggest offender of acne as they clog your poor pores. In acne products, Benzoyl Peroxide it contains is typically has the strength of more than 2.5-percent but less than 10-percent.

Salicilic Acid

This ingredient also helps prevent clogged pores from excess oil and dead skin cells as well as dirt. Unlike Benzoyl Peroxide, the difference lies in the amount typically used in acne products as it only hovers above 0.5-percent to 5-percent.

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Alpha-hydroxy acids

Two types of Alpha-hydroxy acids which are typically used are lactic acid as well as glycolic acid. Not only does this active ingredient help you reduce acne inflammation and remove dead cells, it also promotes the growth a healthier and overall smoother skin.

Acne treatment that is guaranteed success

On top of using acne products, you must also combine it with oral medicines in order to stimulate healing while at the same time, help your skin clears up from the inside. As soon as you realize you are dealing with an acne breakout, you should immediately turn to antibiotics. This is done to kill the offending bacterias, and for women with hormone-induced acne breakouts, birth control pills are an excellent choice to get the issue under control. If your acne does not seem to go away after a while, consider taking Isotretinoin as it is widely recognized as the ultimate Acne Medicine That Works.

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