Acne Scar Treatment for Sensitive Skin

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If you have a pimply face and want to get rid of your acne, then you should choose a good treatment of creams, medications, masks, facials and other facial treatments that suit your skin condition. If you have sensitive skin, then you may experience irritation on your skin if you choose a treatment that is not in accordance with your skin condition, Therefore, below you will get important information about acne scar treatment for sensitive skin. Treatment to remove acne scars will be easier with some of the ways below, other than that the ingredients used are also natural ingredients so it is safe for your sensitive facial skin.

Acne Scar Treatment for Sensitive Skin


1. Honey

Honey does have many benefits for our health, but on the other hand honey is also one of the best natural ingredients to prevent acne on your face and to get rid of acne scars. Honey has an antiseptic effect that can reduce facial inflammation and moisturize facial skin. Honey is very suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. How to do treatment with honey is by:

  • Pour a few drops of honey
  • Apply honey directly on acne scars on your face
  • Let your face stand for 15 minutes
  • After the honey dries and becomes sticky, rinse with cold water and dry
  • You can do this facial treatment 3 times a week

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2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that has many benefits in everyday life. Aloe Vera is able to heal various kinds of wounds, including removing acne scars. Why? Because Aloe Vera contains allusion, it is a substance that can inhibit the formation of melanin which causes the skin to become dark. Not only that, but the compounds in aloe Vera are also able to stimulate the formation of new skin cells and fade acne scars on your face. Then, how to use aloe Vera to treat our faces? Some ways below you can do:

  • Cut aloe Vera into two parts
  • Iris / remove the thorny parts
  • Peel the top of aloe Vera skin to make it easier for us to take the gel
  • Take the gel from the aloe Vera and place it on the container
  • Puree the gel using a spoon or it can be blended
  • Apply gel, aloe Vera directly on the facial skin or on acne scars
  • Let stand for approximately 15 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water and dry
  • To get maximum results, you can do this treatment twice a day. After you do it for a month, then you can see the results.

Now you know about acne scar treatment for sensitive skin using honey, ice cubes and aloe Vera. You can do it at home. Hopefully this information will be useful for you. Good luck!

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