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best blackhead remover

When we implement the blackhead removal threatment, we need the tools for the best blackhead remover. In this article, we will inform about the many kinds of blackhead removal tools. In reality, those tools have many kinds of the shape as follow:

1. Blackhead Picker Up

This blackhead removal tool has the shape, which is similar to a pen. It is the best blackhead remover, that is usually used by the aesthetic or facial therapist. This point of this tools has the small circle wire. In the application of this tool, it makes the face sickness because the tools pick the blackhead manually.

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2. Face Suction Cup Tools

It is one of the best blackhead removers that are useful for the blackhead extractor. In this performance, this tools has benefit to absorb the blackhead on our skin. These tools use the power from the battery to process the preform. We should use this tools carefully. If we can not use this tools, we have to ask someone for help use this tools. Preferable, this tools can be used two times in a week.

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3 Plester

Pore pack is the kind of the plaster, that usually are displayed in some stores. It is the cheaper kind of best blackhead remover among the other tools of the blackhead remove other in above. But, using the blackhead plaster maybe appear the sickness of our skin after peeling off this plaster. Therefore, we should peel this plaster slowly.

Besides, the other ways to solve the blackheads problems is used blackhead mask. However, in using blackhead mask, we should use this attention to use blackhead mask. To get the maximum result, we should practice this step before doing the treatment with the blackhead removal mask as follow:

  • We should not use the one kind of blackhead masker because the kinds of masker are depended on the types of the skin.
  • When we apply the blackhead masker on our face, we should use the brush to use this masker on the skin area. Don’t use our fingers because our fingers have bacterial problems.
  • Choosing the kind of the masker to depend on the problem skins, such as for the dried skin, moist skin, sensitive skin and oily skin.
  • If we use the blackhead masker that contain clay and acid, it is not advised to rest this masker for too long.
  • Before using the masker, we should wash our face. If our face has the spots from makeup or the pollution, the masker will be contaminated with the other harmful substances. So, it appears the problems with the pore skin.

Therefore, the application of the best blackhead remover should use carefully. In addition, to keep the skin from blackhead or acne, we should change our lifestyle to eat and drinks some nutrition and vitamins from fruits, mineral, and vegetables. The healthy skin it is not only influenced by the external factor but also from internal factors, such as the nutrition inside which is consumed by us.

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