Best Zinc for Acne and the Ways to Consume It

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Best Zinc for Acne – Zinc is a kind of minerals with many important roles for our body. It is needed in every growth of a dead cell. Sure, it is not a kind of magic potion to get rid of the acne. However, if you are one of those people who suffer from acne problem, it can mean that their body is lack of zinc. Zinc itself can be found by consuming certain foods and drinks. However, most of the zinc contained in the food ingredients is only enough to fulfill the basic necessity of our body. In fact, there is a time where the body still needs additional zinc to solve some problems like acne. At this point, supplement that contains zinc is necessary to consume.

Best Zinc For Acne

The Benefits of Zinc for Skin

Many researches show that someone who has a problem of acne on his or her skin has low level of zinc under 24%. It is lower than the others who are free from the acne. The more severe their condition, it means that the zinc level is lower. There are some important if zinc related to the skin and acne.

First of all, it is as the source of antioxidant that plays important role to kill bacteria and prevent the aging. It also lessens the inflammation as zinc avoids the growth of bacteria. It also prevents the pore obstruction that is being the main cause of acne. It helps our body to fasten the process of vitamin A and E absorption. Zinc is beneficial to lessen the production of oil due to the unstable testosterone hormone. More than that, zinc is also a good antibiotic.

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The Sources of Zinc

If you have a problem of acne, it is better to consume these foods at first before consuming supplements. There are some ingredients with high containing of zinc. They are the red meat, fishes, and sea foods, green vegetables particularly spinach, nuts, beans, mushrooms, chicken, and grains. Those can be digested well if you also consume pure water more. As you know, pure water is well known to keep the metabolism balance. This is a way to prevent acne for sure.

The Use of Zinc Supplement to Prevent Acne

If you think the appearance of acne on your skin is already in the severe condition, it is not bad to consume supplement. Sure, as it has been mentioned before, it is suggested to watch your daily consumption at first. Adding more foods with zinc is also more recommended in order to cure the acne. Our body basically needs zinc around 15-30 mg per day. Then, the normal supplement will give you additional 10 to 15 mg per day.

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The best result is when you consume zinc supplement right after eating. When it is consumed when the gastric is empty, it will be useless. Your body will “think” that the supplement is consumed to fulfill the lack of zinc in our body. So, this is the best zinc for acne and the way to consume it.

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