Chemical Peel For Acne Scars

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What is chemical peel for acne scars? You may agree that the acne does not only give you problems when it is appeared. There are more problems even when it has been disappeared. Yes, you must agree that acne must remain scars and it is undeniably annoying, particularly if the scar is placed in the visible areas like the face. So, what should we do to make it disappear? Basically, any scar even the big and deep ones will be disappeared along the time goes by. However, it takes many times for sure. If this is the matter, you don’t have any other choices anyway. You must make some efforts to get rid of as soon as possible. One of them is by doing peeling. Particularly for acne scars, here are some chemical peels that are recommended for you.

Chemical Peel For Acne Scars

Glycolic Acid

The main function of peel is to peel off the outer part of your skin. This way just makes the dead cells lifted and the skin becomes smoother. The case like scar can also be disappearing due to this method. This is how Glycolic Acid works basically. This is a superficial chemical peel that only works on the outer skin. In other words, it will not penetrate and damage the inner layer. Since it is only able to be on the surface, it tends to be more effectively lifted the dead cells as well as the dirt and sebum that may obstruct your pores. More than that, it is helpful enough to improve your skin appearance. As it has almost zero side effects, it is much recommended for minor scars like those caused by the acne.

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Phenol Peel

Different from Glycolic Acid that tends to be light and safer, Phenol peel is not really like that. Once you are intended to use this substance, it must be under the receipt from the dermatologist. Why? In contrast with the substance mentioned in the previous point, Phenol peel tends to penetrate into the skin’s inner layers. The time period where it enters also only takes around 2 hours. Indeed, in term of the effectiveness, this substance tends to be more effective to get rid of the scar than Glycolic Acid. That’s why; its usage is more recommended for the serious scar like those that are caused y wounds. It doesn’t mean that skin with acne scars cannot use it. As it has been mentioned before, you must use it under the supervision of dermatologist.

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Tricholeratic Acid

The third chemical peel you can use for acne scar is Tricholeratic acid. It is considered as the medium facial peels. However, although the recovery time is less, it is able to penetrate more deeply through the skin layers. It is more recommended to reduce the lines, blemishes, and even pigmentation. Yes, its main function is actually for such functions although you can also use it for acne scars. Similar to Phenol peel, you must be under the dermatologist supervision if you are interested to use this chemical peel for acne scars.

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