How To Treat Teenage Acne To Prevent The Scars

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Teenage is a period in which the growth and development experienced by the human body go very quickly. So in this article will be discussed how to treat teenage acne, because acne is one of the effects of the existence of hormone instability. Teenage is also a period in which the reproductive system begins to develop perfectly and ready to perform its duties thoroughly, so usually, in this time teenage girls will experience a new stage of menstruation.

Menstruation itself has an effect on the body that can cause instability in the reproductive hormone so it also causes acne. In general, acne alone will make the mood of a teenager, especially teenage girls become not good because acne will give the impression of skin that is not smooth and clean. Therefore, in this article will be discussed on how to take care of acne properly and a deeper understanding of acne.

How To Treat Teenage Acne

The Formation Process of Acne

In the medical world, acne is defined as a skin disorder that will cause skin spots, especially in the area of ​​the skin. Acne that contains pus or cyst is very risky to leave a scar on the skin so the skin will look not smooth. According to the results of research teenagers aged 14-19 years susceptible to this skin disorder, especially for those who enter the age of 20 years, it will be at risk 5 times greater for acne. The appearance of acne itself is one of the direct effects of the development of oil glands located adjacent to the hair follicles in the skin. Acne problem is one of the factors caused by the pollution in the form of dust and dirt that can be directly attached to the face so as to close the pores.

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Then, sebum or oil on the skin will be piled together with dead skin cells and dirt that closed the air circulation of the skin. Furthermore, the clogged pores of the bacteria contained in the skin of Propionibacterium acnes will quickly infect the skin. It will release irritant substances that will infect the skin causing redness and pain. Furthermore, the infection will swell and then filled with pus or cyst. Acne growth can occur during puberty, menstrual periods, as well as pregnancy periods where it causes a woman’s hormones are very unstable, whereas in men the growth of acne is usually due to dirt that accumulates in the skin.

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How To Treat Acne Properly

Here are some ways that you can do when acne starts to appear, including:

  1. Clean your face using the face wash soap that you usually use, after that washing your face with flowing water. Flowing water is preferred for use when washing the vital parts of the body because the bacteria in it tend to be less than the water that has been accommodated for a long time.
  2. Rub ice cubes in areas that experience acne. Ice cubes have benefits that are good enough for the skin because it can shrink the pores and accelerate blood circulation in the skin.
  3. Make honey as a mask when you experience acne. Honey has a benefit to relieve acne and moisturize skin that tends to dry on acne. Honey masks also help to remove acne scars which are very disturbing.

So this article may be useful to add to your information about how to treat teenage acne properly and correctly.

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