Laser Stretch Mark Removal and Those Some Types

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Laser stretch mark removal is the kind of threatment laser for our face, especially for removing our stretch mark. Some people should know some types of this laser treatment. In this article, we will describe some types of stretch marks removal as following:

laser stretch mark removal

Laser Fractional CO2

This is the type of laser stretch mark removal that can be classified as stretch mark removal non-invasive laser. It meaning that this method uses carbon dioxide, which is the different step to remove the stretch mark. Thus, it can be used to treat some problems on a skin, such as pain, wrinkle, moles, and marks.

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Plasma Laser

Next, the other type of laser stretch mark removal which is useful for the alternative stretch mark removal threatment. It is the solution to treat the skin problems, for example, acne marks, active acne, wrinkle, xanthelasma, keloid and stretches mark. It uses blepharoplasty methods that reduce wrinkle eye skin caused by aging factor and create the double eyelid. To get the bright skin optimally, the aesthetic doctor advice to use best stretch mark cream.

Erbium Laser

From the categories of laser stretch mark removal above, this laser method type is more advanced than the others. It caused of this stretch mark laser have the influx as 2940 nm longevity. This laser has high heat temperature, so this effect can exfoliate dead skin safely. After screen the laser influx to our skin, the skin face will tight and the dead skin will exfoliate.

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Pixel Laser

This kind of laser stretch mark removal, that can appear some micro captives on our skin. It has the task to reduce the outside skin layer. This type of laser is similar to erbium laser, which can stimulate the growth new collagen for the tightening of the skin.

However, the types of stretch mark removal laser have the negative effect for our skin, for example, the heating skin, drying skin sensational, puffy skin area, minor irritation, dark processing of pigment skin and the other effect. To solve this problem, the aesthetic clinic prepares the best stretch mark cream to minimize the negative effect.
To make best stretch mark cream, this cream created with some ingredients, as follows:

Shea Butter

Stretch mark cream should contain shea butter. Shea Butter has the function to remove the layer strip of the stretch mark on our skin. It also can help replacement dead skin with new one. It also used for the circulation of our skin nutrition

Almond oil

Almon oil is the effective ingredients to give regeneration skin cell. Besides, almond oil has the function to protect the skin from cellulite problems. Therefore, this composition makes our skin more bright and shiny.

Considering the information above, we should know that each type of laser stretch mark removal has the impact of the healthy skin. For that solution, we can solve the problems with combining nature compositions to remove the stretch mark on our skin. Don’t use the removal stretch mark laser carelessly! If we want to use laser method to remove our stretch mark, we should consult with the doctors prior.

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