The Steps Using Lavender Oil For Acne

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lavender oil for acne

Acne is the most problem skin from us. It often happened for the teenager. Lavender oil for acne is the best choice way to solve this problem. Before we explain about the steps of using lavender essential oil for acne, we should know about the fact and contain nutrition in lavender oil.

Threat The Skin Problem With Lavender Oil For Acne

Based on the result of research from some experts, lavender essential oil has the advantages for our skin as follow:

  • Having the characteristics of antioxidants and antimicrobial substances containing.
  • Remove acne and wrinkle on our skin
  • Give the natural moister for our skin.
  • It also has anti-inflammation, so we can use this essential oils with relaxing sensation.
  • Lavender oil for acne reduces the irritation skin, which caused acne and the reddish spot in our skin face area.

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The Steps To Use Lavender Oil For Acne

It is easy to use lavender oil for acne as the essential oil for acne, we should understand about how to use this natural essential removal for acne as below:

  • Mixing a little water and two drops of lavender oils.
  • Spreading this essential oil on our face.
  • Waiting this process for acne threat for 20 minutes.
  • Then wash your face with the clean water.
  • We can replace the clean water with the jojoba oil

We can practice this threatment regularly. To get the maximum benefit from lavender oil uses,
you can spread this oil once a time. It needs the patience when we practice this threatment because the rejuvenation of the skinning process, needs a long time to become shine skin.

Actually, according to aesthetic experts research, there are some the other natural extract oils that can be used for acne problems, such as tea tree oil and argan oil.

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The Steps To Use Tea Tree Oil For Acne

  • Spreading the tea tree oil on our acne directly. We can use a cotton bud, tissue and cotton cleaner. The skin must dry condition and use product 100% pure tea tree oil.
  • Making the tea tree oil for the acne threatment with the mixing tea tree oil, aloe vera and organic honey.
  • Adding the tea tree oil with the face masker.
  • Making the natural scrub from the blending of a half cup of sugar, a quarter cup of sesame oil, one spoon of honey and 10 drops of tea tree oil.

The Steps To Use Argan Oil

  • Cleaning the skin face with the argan oil with four drops argan oil to spread on our face skin.
  • Refresh the skin face with the spread of argan oil, shake a bottle of argan oil before using it.
  • We can add the argan oil to the cosmetics. It can make the moister surface of our skin.
  • Preferably, we can use argan oil after shaving the skin hairy.

In conclusion, lavender useful for the anti-acne threatment. This flower can be made as lavender oil for acne or lavender essential oil.

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