The Best Methods of Steroid Acne Treatment

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What is steroid acne treatment? Getting rid of the acne is sometimes very difficult. Although this may not be experienced by anybody, it is indeed a really big burden for everyone who has it. However, you must not worry if you are one of those people who have a problem with acne. Yes, there are so many ways to remove them. One of those ways is by using steroid. Well, if it is common to hear that steroid is the best in forming your muscle, it is interestingly also really effective for your irremovable acne. How does it work anyway? It is by injecting the steroid liquid into your body so that it can reach where the acne is appearing. To know more about this healing method, here is the explanation.

Steroid Acne Treatment

What is steroid?

Steroid is a kind of chemical substance that can be naturally produced by your body through the adrenaline gland. The type of steroid commonly used to solve the skin problem particularly acne is namely corticosteroid. Corticosteroid works through some ways. One of them is by lessening the inflammation. This effect is what be expected to solve the problem of acne. In general, steroid can be given through several ways; oral using drugs, topical by smearing it to the parts of skin with ace, and injection.

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There is also a method of injection namely intraletion. It is when the injection is directly given on the parts with acne to lessen the side effects probably experienced by other organs in our body. In fact, most of the steroid is not being spread via blood vessels. The injection can bring you relatively fast and effective effect. It is when the acne is disappeared for only around 4 days.

The Side Effects of Steroid for Acne

Although the use of steroid to get rid of the acne is claimed as effective, this procedure must not be done continuously for the many side effects that are appeared. There side effects that come out directly just after the injection are as follows; pain appeared on the injected part, bleeding, infection, and allergy. Unfortunately, those are not enough. The long side effects can also be suffered; they are the depletion of skin, telangiektasia or the more visible blood vessels than usual, the change of skin pigment, the growth of more hair temporarily on the injected part, more production of pus, and the possibility of steroid entering the blood and other organs.

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The Best Ways to Use Steroid as Acne Solution

First of all, make sure you consult your condition at first to the dermatologist. It is to know whether the use of steroid is safe enough for you. You have to share your health problems in general as well as the drugs consumed recently. If there is o problem, it means the steroid injection can just be done. It is better if the steroid is not used too often for the side effects that may be occurred. Therefore, not only is it disappearing your acne, the steroid acne treatment must keep your whole body healthy as well.

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