Tips to Get Rid of Acne Scars

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Acne is the thing that often makes us become not confident when dealing with others. But not only acne, acne scars also make us less confident, especially if the acne scars are in our face. This is not just for women, but also for men. Therefore, we must try various ways to remove acne scars that interfere with our face. Starting from using acne-removing cream, wearing a mask, to taking the medicine. But sometimes, the acne scars are still not lost when you have spent a lot of money. Therefore, below you will get tips to get rid of acne scars. The following tips use natural ingredients and you can make them yourself at home so you do not have to spend a lot of money.

Tips to Get Rid of Acne Scars

1. Lemon

One way to remove acne scars is by using lemons. Yes, lemon can basically accelerate the production of collagen in your skin. In addition, lemons can also stimulate the formation of new skin cells and peeling off dead skin cells. Lemon is also one of the most effective natural ingredients to brighten your facial skin and remove your acne scars. How to remove acne scars using lemon is very easy. The following steps are:

  • Prepare a fresh lemon.
  • Press a little lemon so that the liquid will easily come out when squeezed
  • Cut the lemon into two parts, then squeeze both parts.
  • Apply lemon juice to the area of acne scars.
  • Let your face for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water and dry with a towel.
  • Try to do this treatment regularly once a day.
  • Use a moisturizer after using lemon as a mask, because the lemon can affect the skin and make it dry.

2. Orange Peel

You would be surprised to learn that orange peel can also remove acne scars. Orange peel has high levels of vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acid. Both of these compounds can function to cleanse the pores of your facial skin is clogged with dust and dirt. In addition, these compounds can also lift dead skin cells on your face. If you use it regularly, orange peel can help remove acne scars on your face. The trick is very easy as shown below:

  • Peel the oranges and grab the orange peel and dry the orange peel under the sun for several days until it is completely dry.
  • Next, puree the orange peel until it becomes a powder.
  • After that you can add water to orange peel powder, stirring the solution until it becomes a paste.
  • Apply an orange peel paste on a pimply face and let stand for a few minutes.
  • Rinse your face with warm water.
  • Perform this treatment every day to remove your acne scars.

Based on the above explanation, you already know tips to get rid of acne scars using natural ingredients and you can do in your home. In addition, this material is very cheap and easy to obtain. Hopefully this article useful for you. Hopefully your acne scars are quickly gone!

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