Vitamins for Teenage Acne

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Adolescence is a period in which the hormones in the body grow rapidly. Therefore, adolescence is a period of puberty and one of the most common signs of puberty in adolescents is the onset of acne on the face. Therefore, you can prevent the occurrence of acne in your adolescence with vitamins. Below you will get some information related to vitamins for teenage acne. Basically, things that can cause acne in adolescents is the influence of hormones, feeling stressed, too tired and lack of rest, and irregular eating patterns. Therefore, below we will discuss these things.

Vitamins for Teenage Acne

1. Vitamin E

As we know that vitamin E is the most beneficial vitamin for skin rejuvenation and prevent premature aging. However, not many people know that vitamin E can not only be consumed with buying vitamins in pharmacies, but also can be obtained through various types of foods rich in vitamin E. In addition, vitamin E can also help restore hormonal balance and help speed healing Acne on your face, especially in adolescents whose hormone levels are fluctuating.

In your diet every day, you should add the grain and beans menu, sprouts. In addition, fruits rich in vitamin E are avocados and berries to help increase vitamin E intake for your body. Eat foods rich in vitamin E every day to prevent acne from the body. As for outside treatments, you can still use a mask. Many natural mask options that you can make yourself at home like a mask of honey, egg whites, or from aloe Vera. Some natural mask options can make your choice to care for your skin from the outside. Care from the outside and from within will accelerate in overcoming problem acne that you experience. If you do this treatment regularly and take vitamins then you will get the effect after one month.

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2. Vitamin C

In addition to vitamin E, vitamin C is also a vitamin that plays a role for your skin health. Vitamin C can help to increase your immune system and kill bacteria on acne, but it can also help to dry sebum due to its acidic nature, while vitamin C also helps cleanse blood circulation because it is enriched with several active antioxidants such as flavonoids. You can consume foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, berries, apples and many more. By eating these foods, then this will be the best intake to help dry your acne faster. In addition, it also contains a lot of fiber that helps wipe out toxins that often lead to hormonal imbalances.

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Based on the text above, now you already known about vitamins for teenage acne are very beneficial for your skin health. In addition, these vitamins, you can consume by eating fruits and vegetables that nourish your body. In addition to getting healthy skin, also you will get a healthy body. In addition to vitamin consumption, you should also consider sleep patterns and reduce stress. Hopefully the above information is useful to you, and can confuse you in overcoming the problem of acne. Have a try, and good luck to solve your acne problem!

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