Zinc Soap for Acne

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Zinc Soap for Acne. Zinc Soap or usually called Pyrithione Zinc is the soap filled with antifungal and antibacterial properties form of zinc. It might be said that this soap is made exclusively for those with skin problem disease such as eczema, psoriasis, dry, and sensitive skin. However, this soap is also not a bad choice for the normal purpose of body cleaning as it can relieve itching, irritation, flaking, or redness while removing and cleaning the dirt, oil and debris from the body.

One of the famous Skin disorder which could be nullify by this product is called Seborrheic dermatitis. It is a disorder where the infected skin is covered with itchy, flaky, scaly, red skin. As it can be seen that the main purpose of this product is to handle skin disorder. How about acne? Can this soap be used to clean the acne as well?

Zinc Soap For Acne

Zinc Soap & Acne?

Before further detailed whether Zinc Soap can be used to dispose of the acne, it is better to understand the term of the “Acne” itself first. Acne is a skin disease which happened when the hair follicles are clogged by the dead skin cell and oil from the skin of our body. There are number of normal medication product-free treatment method to dispose of the Acne. They are such as:

  • Use make-up which is oil free
  • Have a proper sleep which is at least eight hours of sleep
  • Eat oil free and NOT highly processed product
  • And many other ways…

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Now, how about try using the products? Have my beloved readers here ever encountered a situation where we meet a condition which needs a lot of thoughts and consideration? This might be one of the condition as it concerned directly about our face as it is one of the most important part in live. And the product itself could either worsen or able to fix this part.

The answer is that the zinc soap is also one of the product recommended by the medical professional to heal the acne disease. One of the reason is that the Zinc soap is contains high percentage of Olive oil and Emu oil. The nutrients of the oils have the ability to heal damaged skins and cleansed away dead skin cells which could clog the hair follicles that resulting in the acne itself.

Both of the Ingredients are well-known to be used in the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) which is one popular method of cleansing in Asia which is popular for skin cleansing and even for sensitive skin type. Even one of the trusted Physician Skin Care, Dr. Cynthia Bailey recommended the zinc soap for the acne scars.

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Zinc Soap User Review

The Zinc Soap itself managed to score 4.2 out of 5 Stars at Amazon. Majority of the reviewers stated that this product is the perfect cure for the skin “Disorder” such as the dry skin and the seborrheic dermatitis. One of the positive reviewers even stated that this product is really reliable and incredible as it is able to perfectly cure the seborrheic dermatitis which had made her suffer for years.

Some reviewers also stated that the Zinc Soap managed to cleanse their skin from acne. Though some of the reviewers stated after certain period, the disorder came back to haunt them, it is possible due to the unhealthy lifestyle or the environment of those particular reviewers. In spite of that, majority of the reviewers still highly recommend this for the skin cleansing daily product. Therefore, we can come to the conclusion, Zinc Soap for Acne.

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